Category: Artist Features

Here at Kolbo we display and sell work from many creative artists. Every once in a while we will be really inspired by a particular artist, and want to share what we’ve found with you! Below are some artist feature pages. Please check back regularly to see what gets us going.

Artist Spotlight: Alysia Brazin

Alysia Brazin Pottery

When Alysia Brazin brought her son to Hebrew School for the first time in 1993, she didn’t know that what she’d find there was the inspiration to nurture her artistic side for years to come. As her son’s knowledge of Judaism began to blossom, Alysia realized that their home was in need of some basic… Read more »

What Stories Do Your Ritual Garments Tell?


Today, we’re featuring the words and works of Sarah Resnick, the visionary behind Advah Designs. Her talitot tell an amazing story of intentionality, justice, and beauty. We’ll let her tell you more: Whether we know them or not, everything we wear tells three stories. 1. First is the story of who made the garment, and where… Read more »

Recipe Sneak Peek: Inside Aromas of Aleppo

vegetarian bulgur patties aromas of aleppo

Aromas of Aleppo: The Legendary Cuisine of Syrian Jews has been a perennial favorite at Kolbo. The images are stunning, the recipes scrumptious, and the story that Poopa Dweck shares of the Syrian Jewish community is spell-binding. Dweck, a first-generation Syrian American, has captured generations of oral history in the form of these recipes and… Read more »

Rising Up After the Fire—Works from an Israeli Artist Colony


Inspiring artwork created by Ein Hod artists after Carmel wildfires devastated their community. Exclusive Art Exhibition: May 2-10, 2013 at Kolbo Fine Judaica Gallery All the remaining unsold pieces in the exhibition continue to be available for purchase An extraordinary collection of works from diverse artists who work in the renowned Ein Hod Artist Colony in the… Read more »