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Confused about a special order? Need help navigating our website? You’ve come to the right place! Here we will collect a series of How-To articles that will help you as you make big decisions with us here at Kolbo. You’re in good hands.

How To: Order Breaking Glass Reconstructions

Shardz Sample - Frost Engraving

Here at Kolbo, we offer a broad variety of breaking glass keepsakes—mezuzot, kiddush cups, reconstructions in glass and lucite, and more. Some are DIY (do it yourself), and some have to be sent away for (we’ll send your wedding shards to the vendor, and they will send the completed keepsake back to you). Please browse… Read more »

How To: Buy a Ketubah

A ketubah, a written wedding document, is a beautiful way to capture the intentions and love of your marriage. We’re here to help you find your dream ketubah and support you all the way through the ketubah process. Whoever you are, those of all nations and all kinds of love, you are welcome here. Step-by-step, here… Read more »

How To: Order Bulk Kippot

When you’re looking to order bulk kippot for b’nei mitzvot, weddings, or other occasions, Kolbo can help you out. There are a number of different options for your kippot, which can include custom printing on the inside. Once you are done browsing the options below, click here to purchase your kippot. Here is how to… Read more »