Wedding Page

Here at Kolbo, we’re honored to be a part of your special day, We’re here to support you in having your dream wedding, every step of the way. We get you set up with:

Invitations to your wedding (or engagement party, wedding shower, or sheva brachot celebration—please call the store at 617-731-8743 for details)

-A gift registry to help your guests give you just what you wanted

-A stunning ketubah with a text which reflects your love and commitment to each other

-A chuppah (wedding canopy), poles, and stands to rent for the big day

-Personalized kippot to share with your guests

-A richly-colored breaking glass to use in your ceremony and a wide range of beautiful keepsakes in which to include your shards

And so much more! Browse the site, stop by the store, or give us a call to get started. Mazel tov!


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