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One Year As Newlyweds

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  There is something so special and unique about the first year of marriage. No matter how long the couple has been together or how intertwined their lives may be, their wedding day marks a profound and tender turning point in their story. When a couple enters the chuppah, they are two people full of… Read more »

Kolbo’s Top 10 Ketubah Recommendations


As your wedding approaches you may be feeling overwhelmed by the variety of ketubah options available to you. Here at Kolbo, we have hundreds of designs to choose from; If you need some guidance, check out our top 10 ketubahs! 10. Song of Love by Mickie Caspi “My beloved raised his voice and said to me, ‘Arise, my… Read more »

Bringing Baby Home

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by Sara Bellin With the arrival of a tiny baby comes an enormous flurry of excitement and preparation. Car seats and strollers are researched and tested. Cribs are assembled, and miniature clothing is washed and gently folded into waiting drawers. The home is swept up in happy chaos, getting every corner ready for the newest… Read more »